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A drone view of Gales Point Peninsula within the Southern Lagoon.

Belize’s Coastal Road is now mostly paved. It has been engineered and realigned, with many new bridges added. This level road is well-marked, with safety features such as guardrails and reflective paint. It is now the best road in the country, and is a strategic shortcut – reducing travel time from Belize City to the southern half of the country by an hour. This event also opens up a spectacular new coastal area to travel. InTheTropics has been living and working here for decades. We know the area well, and we have been working hard to maintain the incredible biodiversity and unique culture of the area.

The Coastal Road, newly paved.
Jaguar crossing sign, at night.

Here there are miles of virtually-untouched, elevated-sand, Caribbean beaches. The wild foothills of the Maya Mountains come closest to the sea and the Caribbean breezes offer an ideal weather pattern for tourism, agriculture, and a laid-back Caribbean lifestyle.

Miles of untouched Caribbean beaches.

This area’s centerpiece is the huge estuary system, known as the Southern Lagoon. This seaside lagoon is more than 9,000 acres, and its beaches and tributaries are designated as an IUCN Category IV Marine Wildlife Sanctuary, called the Gales Point Wildlife Sanctuary. Reef fish from the nearby MesoAmerican Barrier Reef come here to breed in its tributaries and mangrove rivers. Known for harboring the largest population of endangered West Indian Manatee, it is well known to scientists. Its beaches are called, “the most important Hawksbill Turtle nesting grounds in the Western Caribbean”. Sport fishing here is phenomenal.

The “front yard” of one property along the Coastal Road.

The surrounding forests and the dramatic, jungled karst hills here extend for tens of thousands of hectares. They are home to a wild abundance of tropical flora and fauna, including rare and endangered species rarely encountered elsewhere. All five species of Central America’s Big Cats thrive in this harmonious environment, along with tapir, monkeys, tropical birds, and newly discovered species of plants.

We are offering a full array of “Rare Air” properties, including large and medium-sized ocean beach properties; fishing lodges; secure safe havens; waterfront estates; citrus and fruit farms; and road-side lots suitable for your varied business ventures.

Please – let us know your needs. And do schedule a visit soon. We can pick you up at the BZE airport. From there we are a short 9-minute helicopter ride; a 56 minute drive by vehicle; or best of all, a memorable 90-minute boat journey through jungle rivers, mountain-ringed seaside lagoons, and bird sanctuaries – to our docks.

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Arabu Point, a 20-acre Caribbean beach property controlling access to the Manatee Bar River entrance to the Southern Lagoon;

19 Acre Caribbean Beach property;

Black Creek Forest, 422 pristine acres with hot springs, hills, open savanna and waterfront on the Southern Lagoon;

450 Acre Seaside Lagoon Waterfront Estate with Coastal Road Frontage;

Waterfront Home on private peninsula;

30 Acre Citrus Farm ~ and other farms coming on-line soon;

SeaView Citrus Farm ~ beautiful fruit farm on 109 acres overlooking the sea;

950 acres of Prime Caribbean Beach, extending from Caribbean Beach, across the isthmus to the Southern Lagoon;

3 Coastal Road Lots: Midway on the Coastal Road, surrounded by hills;
~ 15 acres for $66,000
~ 20 acres for $87,000
~ 25 acres for $112,000

Beautiful Beach House on 186 acres; extending from Caribbean Beach, across the isthmus to the Southern Lagoon;

125 Acre Water Sports Retreat, with 2 homes and a dock;

• Colson Point, 300 acres of Caribbean Beach, contact us for details;