Experience this pristine peninsula, centered within a wild 9,100-acre seaside lagoon. The Caribbean Sea ~ with untouched sand beaches ~ is 1.3 miles east, connected by a wild and scenic river. The surrounding estuary system is an IUCN Category IV Wildlife Sanctuary, with healthy populations of Antillean Manatee, Sea Turtles, Tarpon, Snapper, Snook, Permit, and an abundance of other reef and sport fish.

This region is characterized by dramatic, jungled, karst hills; riparian areas; broadleaf forest; and open savanna. The surrounding region includes a forest reserve. The property itself is open savanna, sand beach, and low bush. Here you will find flora and fauna in primordial natural abundance; healthy habitat for all of Central America’s species, including jungle birds, tropical butterflies, spider & howler monkey, tapir, all five of Central America’s ‘Big Cat’ species, bromeliads, orchids, endangered and as-yet un-named species of plants and animals.

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Photo courtesy of Belize Bird Rescue
An aerial view of Tiger Point, looking north.

Although Tiger Point is less than 60 minutes by an incredible boat journey from Belize City ~ or ten minutes by air ~ it seems like a different world. It is within one of Belize’s wildest coastal areas. It is off-grid and is (as yet) boat-access only. Surrounded by the pristine Southern and Western Lagoons, it is ringed by Maya Mountain foothills to the west, and a narrow, jungled isthmus to the east. Bright sand beaches bless the east and west shores; open savanna allows room for development and an airstrip. This wild area and its important estuary system (called the “Gales Point Wildlife Sanctuary“) is often visited by scientists who study the Hawksbill Turtles whose primary nesting ground is the nearby ocean beaches; and the Antillean Manatee who abound in these pristine waters.

The boat journey here is truly memorable, through jungle rivers, seaside lagoons, and bird sanctuaries. Book a flight, and we will pick you up at the airport.
Artists rendering of the dock & marina at the east end of the beach.

In the late 1900’s “Tiger Point” had been a bespoke, off-grid fly fishing lodge, with an eco-lodge and large dock. Fly fishermen and adventurers from around the world came here. It was closed many years ago. Now, only the dock posts remain, all else has been removed. An area has been surveyed for an airstrip. Development plans exist for a spacious lodge, guest cabanas, music center, restaurant, and a marina. There are numerous high-and-dry building sites.

This is Tiger Point’s dock site today, looking south along the beach.

Gales Point Village is an historic Creole fishing village, about 2 miles due south. It is home to licensed guides, naturalists, and excellent cooks. Belize’s Coastal Highway was realigned and paved in 2023, and is now opening up this spectacular region. It is now possible to drive from the airport to the public dock in Gales Point in less than an hour. Local bus service is re-established to this majestic region. This will be the heart of Belize’s new eco-development area, as envisioned by Belize’s Blue Economy Ministry, and Ministry of Tourism.

Beach on the east side of the peninsula, looking north. The beaches and building areas are open and well-elevated.

Priced at $1,770,000
which is $4,930 per acre.

Site plan

Let us know your schedule, and we will meet you
in Belize City and transport you here by boat.

There is plenty of open building space, high-and-dry.
Ocelot tracks on nearby creek bank.
Hiking trails.
Scientists tagging Antillean Manatee.
Early morning, Southern Lagoon.