Less-than-market pricing for a 693-ft stretch of Resort Quality, Elevated, Natural-Sand, Caribbean Beachfront!
A perfect location for your secure family compound, an epic Caribbean Beach Resort, or sub-dividable property for in-demand beach condos & planned residences.

This is a well-landscaped property, with a good, private entry road. The underbrush is clear, while the wild hardwoods and palm trees remain. With 693-ft of beachfront, and 636-ft depth, it is on the public-access sand road. It is now off-grid, with more resorts and neighbors moving in.

It is just off Belize’s Coastal Highway with deeded road access via a scenic 4-mile sand road. This is an up-and coming area, on a newly-paved highway. This spectacular location is the closest destination-resort beach area to Belize’s international airport. It is about a 70-minute drive, 90-minutes by boat, 9-minutes by helicopter.

This property’s well-elevated beach is the most important Hawksbill Turtle nesting beaches in the western Caribbean. World class sport fishing is all around. The MesoAmerican Barrier Reef is a few miles offshore, for excellent scuba, snorkeling, and sailing adventures. This is a beautiful location with its Maya Mountain backdrop. Other nearby day trips include jungle hiking with waterfalls, Mayan ruins, and cultural experience in fishing villages. One good restaurant is almost done on a beach resort being built about 500m south, and another is in a nice B&B, about 1000m north. This is the investment-quality land that I have been talking about. Its value will increase greatly in the next few years, as more development comes to this magnificent, recently-opened, coastal area.

A dock here would provide you with the closest mainland demarcation point to the southern halves of both Lighthouse Reef and Turnoff Atoll. The coral reef is a vast playground of islands and coral, offshore, spread over 185 miles, like pearls across the sea.

High-Quality Caribbean Beach
at this price won’t last long: