Aerial view from waterfront

This beautiful 450 acre property is located at Mile #19 of Belize’s newly-paved and realigned Coastal Road.
In a wild and undeveloped area, it extends from this strategic highway all the way to the Southern Lagoon waterfront. It has a mile of sand beach and mangrove frontage on the 9,000-acre Southern Lagoon – which is an IUCN Category IV Wildlife Sanctuary. Across the lagoon from Gales Point, it offers ideal locations for ocean-access docks and marina. This beach is about 2-1/2 miles to the Caribbean Sea, via the wild-and-scenic Manatee Bar River.

Looking toward the Coastal Road across the savanna

It has several large, exotic karst hills, with caves containing Mayan artifacts. The surrounding high-canopy forest is home to all five of Belize’s “big cat’ species, as well flora and fauna in wild natural abundance. There are high-and-dry building sites with excellent views of the waterfront and the mountains, as well as along the road between these steep foothills of the Maya Mountains.

Approximate boundaries shown in magenta.

With the Coastal Road paving nearly complete, this location is now less than an hour’s drive from the international airport (“BZE”). You can leave L.A. or N.Y. in the morning, and be here by lunchtime, with your vehicle waiting at the airport. The sport fishing here ~ in the lagoon, the jungle creeks & rivers, and the nearby Caribbean flats, is world class. Coral reef islands are only 9 miles offshore for snorkeling, scuba diving, and sailing.

Offered at $1,520,000

Property taxes in Belize are crazy low!
Ask us about beautiful adjoining properties to the west, also available for sale.

Western boundary post, looking east to the property.
Exploring one of the caves on site.

View over the Lagoon
View of the property from Gales Point Peninsula, across the seaside lagoon.