This 3.18 acre lot is the perfect place to create your Beach House Hide-away. Its ocean frontage is 221 ft. of elevated, resort-quality, natural-sand beach; it is 627 ft. deep, east to west. It is on a public-access, sand road, 4 miles off Belize’s freshly-paved Coastal Highway. It has a private drive entrance with culvert, but is otherwise in its natural state, with hardwoods and palm trees.

This is an idyllic, off-grid, solar-powered neighborhood. A classic beach resort is being built 1/3 km south, and a very nice beachfront B&B is to the north. This is a quiet and pristine area, with several private homes nearby. It is located 3 miles due south of the mouth of the Manatee Bar River, and it is on the isthmus directly east of Gales Point. The coral reef islands of the MesoAmerican Barrier Reef begin just 9 miles offshore.

Here is a “tarpon’s eye” view of this 3+ acre lot, taken directly off shore.

This is an off-grid property. Those of us who live in this region utilize modern solar power, and filtered rainwater catchment systems. We can show you how to harness the sun and rain for your new, laid-back Caribbean lifestyle. The lot is uncleared, with hardwood forest and palm trees.

Taxes, you might ask? Property tax for this lot is about twenty dollars a year ~ no matter what you build here.
What are you paying for tax now, where you are?

The beaches here are relatively untouched and secluded. You can walk this beach for miles, and the swimming is great. The magnificent MesoAmerican Barrier Reef is offshore. 185 miles long and about 50 miles wide, this reef is the second-largest barrier reef in the world, with arguably the most verdant and unspoiled coral reef on earth. It is famous for snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, and sport fishing. In fact, this beach, right here, is one of the most important Hawksbill Turtle nesting sites in the Western Caribbean.

The scenic Coastal Highway is now completely paved, realigned, and ‘bridged’ to international standards. Long a rough, 4-wheel-drive road prone to flooding, it is now the finest highway in Belize. From this lot, you can drive to the International airport in a little over 1 hour. Because of this new accessibility, and because the Coastal Highway is a strategic shortcut to the southern half of the country, demand for beach lots and acreage in this beautiful region has increased. . . . I challenge your to find any quality beachfront acreage, with road access, in all Belize, for anywhere near this price!

See this elevated, high sand, resort-quality beach.


I will be happy to show you this, and other Rare-Air, Clear-Title, Strategically Located, Caribbean properties.