This 109 acre citrus farm is just off Belize’s spectacular Coastal Road.¬†With public road access, it has 57 acres of overgrown citrus, 14 acres of grapefruit, and 38 acres of high-canopy jungle. There is also mango, breadfruit, papaya, and avocado. It is in the middle of Belize’s most fertile citrus growing area, and close to fruit processing plants. The property includes a basic hilltop residence with a panoramic view of the Caribbean Sea. It is currently non-productive and somewhat overgrown, but the trees are viable.

Panoramic ocean view

This choice farm is surrounded by lush citrus, fruit, and high-production coconut palm farms. The fruit processing center is about 12 miles away. New resorts are being built nearby. Grid power lines are accessible within 1/2 mile of the property. It has good cellular coverage. The Coastal Road is now completely paved. Due to this paving, this area is already increasing in value, due to its prime location as a strategic coastal shortcut to southern Belize.

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Satellite image of property shown in blue, just off the Coastal Road, south of Mullins River bridge.