You can leave most North American airports in the morning, and arrive in Belize before lunchtime. Register with customs at BZE International airport, then fly here in 14 minutes. The major airlines operate daily flights to Belize. This airport is now expanding to better serve European, North and South American markets. Stay for thirty days ~ then stay longer.

Belize’s government is actively seeking – and assisting – stakeholders in the new Medical Tourism enterprise zone.
Careful research, preparation, and planning is beginning to take form in a beautiful 1200+ acre coastal setting. This is the prefect global setting for a major anchor. We are seeking an international medical organization who would like to serve the North American MT market in a nearby, tropical setting.

  • Peaceful, serene, secure location;
  • Abundant, pure freshwater;
  • Maya Mountain backdrops;
  • An elevated, natural-sand, 3,000+ ft Caribbean beach;
  • The landscaped beach area is 172 acres;
  • A 3-mile long, 70-ft wide gated entry road;
  • A 5,000 ft airstrip is surveyed next to the private access road;
  • Navigable canals and creeks;
  • An educated labor base lives nearby;
  • Luxury residential sites for your medical staff;
  • Great year-round weather;
  • Right on Belize’s newest and best highway, the Coastal Highway;
  • The MesoAmerican Barrier Reef is just offshore;
  • Close to supply centers, but far enough from towns for privacy;
  • All necessary utilities will be site;

Although it is leveled and landscaped, with bridges, canals, and roads, this site so far is a tabula rasa – a “blank slate”. Your input is welcome. The Master Plan includes a convention hotel; a branded beach hotel; a marina for ocean-going vessels and recreational boats; a dive shop; a 5,000-ft airstrip; private hangars; and residential developments with homes for traveling doctors and staff, with beach condos for patients and their families.

Belize’s economy is fully recovered from the pandemic. The business climate here is vibrant. Belize enjoys the most stable government and currency in South or Central America. Property ownership is through clear deeded title, so foreigners can own property here. A strong international banking presence, flexible corporate structures, offshore trusts, and curtailed capital gains taxes, make Belize a great home for you and your assets. Your patients and guests can come here and stay for 30 days before they need to extend their visa.

Ixchel, Mayan Jaguar Goddess of Medicine, welcomes you.

This English-speaking British Commonwealth country has a very stable democracy. The largest, most modern US Embassy in Central America is in the capital city, Belmopan. British troops are stationed in Belize.

Belize has the lowest population density in all of Central America and the Caribbean. Taxes and labor costs are low. Due to decent education, there is a vibrant middle class with skilled technical workers. Belize has abundant fresh water, and since most villages have treated water systems, water-born illnesses are virtually unknown. With fertile land and year-round growing seasons, Belize produces and exports a huge variety of agricultural commodities. Organic farming is very viable, and solar energy is common. In recent years, Belize has vastly improved its infrastructure with good roads and wide access to broadband and cellular coverage.

Because of low population density, this and other magnificent parcels of undeveloped property are available, perfect for a secure, beachfront healing center. Property taxes are ridiculously low. Belize’s Caribbean beaches are among the finest in the world, with coral reef islands offshore. This is just one of several potential properties on the coastal flight path, and it is surveyed for a private airstrip. It is a short charter flight from the international airport, with efficient road access to supply centers.

You are making a big decision. Belize’s government can offer incentives to foreign investors. They would like to share with you industry studies to help compete in the world Medical Tourism market.

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Reef life from a nearby dive & snorkeling site.