Belize is the perfect place for your hospital and clinic.
It is a tropical safe haven, nearby your market.

You can leave most North American airports in the morning, and be in Belize by lunchtime. The major airlines operate daily flights through Belize’s “BZE” international airport, which is now expanding to better serve European travelers. Stay for thirty days, or more.

Belize’s economy is recovered fully from the pandemic, and the business climate here is vibrant. By pegging the BZ$ value 2:1 to the US$, Belize enjoys the most stable currency in South or Central America. Property ownership is through clear deeded title, so foreigners can own property here. A strong international banking presence, flexible corporate structures, offshore trusts and curtailed capital gains taxes, make Belize a great home for you and your assets. Your guests can come here and stay for 30 days before they need to extend their visa.

Ixchel, Mayan Jaguar Goddess of Medicine, welcomes you.

This English-speaking British Commonwealth country has a very stable democracy. The largest, most modern US Embassy in Central America is in the capital city, Belmopan. British troops are stationed in Belize.

It has the lowest population density in all of Central America and the Caribbean. Taxes and labor costs are low. Due to decent education, there is a vibrant middle class with skilled technical workers. Belize has abundant fresh water, and since most villages have treated water systems, water-born illnesses are virtually unknown here. With fertile land and year-round growing seasons, Belize produces and exports a huge variety of agricultural commodities. Organic farming is very viable here, and solar energy is common. In recent years, Belize has vastly improved its infrastructure with good roads and wide access to broadband and cellular coverage.

Because of low population density, many magnificent parcels of undeveloped property are available, perfect for a secure, beachfront or mountaintop healing center. Property taxes are ridiculously low. Belize’s Caribbean beaches are among the finest in the world. We will show you secure properties with private airstrips, or with land suitable for an airstrip. Most such properties are a short charter flight from the international airport, with efficient road access to supply centers.

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You are making a big decision. Belize’s government can offer incentives to foreign investors. They would like to discuss with you their well-conceived plan to compete in the world Medical Tourism market, and how you can help.

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