Safe Havens

 Secure, Self-Sufficient Tropical Safe Haven Estates

Beach Villa

This choice, off-grid beach villa sits secure on 1/2 kilometer of landscaped Caribbean beach. Can you imagine your family here?

economic safe havenThe dictionary definition of “safe haven” is: “a place of refuge or security”.   For centuries people in the Caribbean and Central America have been creating secure, Safe Haven estates. These are places where their personal, legal, and economic assets & rights are most secure; in stable, peaceful countries with beneficial financial systems, low taxes, and bountiful agricultural conditions allowing them to grow and catch food. These are in beautiful, secure locations where owners come & go as they please – by boat, vehicle or air. In Belize, Dominica & Costa Rica they benefit from a pleasant sub-tropical climate, and a hurricane risk significantly lower than the coastal USA.

  • State-of-Technology Solar & Wind PowerRoof-Top Solar Power
  • Abundant Potable Fresh Water
  • Mature Kitchen Gardens
  • High-Production Fruit Orchards
  • Twice-Yearly Harvests
  • Row Crop & Vegetable Production
  • Grazing Pastures
  • World Class Fishing
  • Secure Docks
  • Gated Roads
  • Private Airstrip
  • Appreciating Property Values


InTheTropics offers a number of luxury “Safe Haven” estates, featuring completely self-sustaining, off-grid power/ water/ communication/ & food production. See 7 of our best turnkey properties, below. These private estates are equipped and staffed for serious 24/7/365 security, yet are inexpensive to maintain. They feature state-of-technology communications & entertainment systems, and are accessible by road, by air, and by sea ~ from anywhere in the world. With ample freshwater, rainwater-collection & filtering systems, creeks, and trustworthy solar/wind power systems and computerized generator backup. Live in air-conditioned comfort – safe in our planet’s most pristine tropical environments.

view to lakes

Completely secure, self-sufficient estate with orchards, gardens, pastures, creeks & ponds. Near the Caribbean.

In your safe haven, you will need food: Our gardens, orchards and farms yield at least two harvests each year. They are in lush, fertile areas noted for high-producing citrus. Several properties have well-managed commercial fruit orchards and/or row-crops now yielding profits with little effort on the owner’s part. Some have cattle, horses, chickens, ducks and other animals. Several are oceanfront with private docks & piers for ocean-going boats, yet elevated for safety in bad weather. Others are in defensible mountain locations. Totally private and secure, most are within easy access of the international airport with daily flights from Cancun, Los Angeles, Houston, Miami, Atlanta ~ and the world. Most are in Belize, a friendly, English-speaking, British commonwealth country, with British troops, stable currency & government, and a laid-back Caribbean lifestyle. Another estate is in the Costa Rican mountains. The island of Dominica has excellent benefits you’ll want to know about for foreigners relocating there. We have pulled out of Honduras.

Why Belize? It is a small, tropical, British Commonwealth country with a culture of self-reliance. It is protected by British Troops. Its rule of law is based on the English legal system. Foreigners here may own freehold land title. Taxes are ridiculously low. It harbours one of the largest & healthiest reef environments on the planet. Its population density is one of the lowest in the Western Hemisphere.

We are now creating off-grid, ultra-secure, safe-haven estates,
in spectacular locations.
Craftsmanship and modern technology are right out of Architectural Digest,
with embassy-grade security & communications.
We will help you find yours – what are your specifications?

orange grove

An owner may come and go here whenever they please. Each home has on-site watchmen who keep the property running smoothly and secure in the owner’s absence ~ at an economical cost. Most are furnished and have workshops, some with 4WD vehicles and boats. Several are income-producing properties with vacation rental and/or farm income.  All continue to appreciate in value, inexorably, decade after decade.

This is where you will want to be WTSHTF.

In case TS doesn’t HTF, you’ll hold freehold title to an epic tropical retreat in a verdant, laid-back place ~ with low taxes and sustained high value.

Off-Grid Luxury Swimming Pool

As you can see, we have thought this “Safe Haven” idea out carefully. Having built and equipped such a coastal safe-haven estate ourselves, we can provide unique insight. When I am coming in-country, my watchman picks us up at the airport in my 4WD vehicle. Beer is cold and dinner is ready when we get home. Our solar & wind power system works so well that our back-up propane generator rarely comes on except for maintenance checks. Our off-grid home is air-conditioned. We have a modern kitchen, laundry, a luxurious swimming pool, outdoor showers, and a workshop.

Leave New York in the morning, be in Belize before noon, with a boat or SUV waiting.

LightHouse Reef Atoll

Sitting on the dock at night, we see the Milky Way in incredible detail. The fishing is world-class. The MesoAmerican Barrier Reef is nearby for fantastic snorkeling, diving and sailing. Miles of private, untouched Caribbean beaches are close by.

Mountain estate with extensive gardens

We offer secure, self-sufficient properties of 10, 28, 50, 125, 250, 870, 900 acres, and more. Most are off-grid with their own power, water and food production. All have full-time, on-site security. Some are ocean-front. Some are mountain properties. A few are coastal mountaintop properties with spectacular Caribbean views. For security reasons, many properties are not identified publicly.

Please contact us directly for details, locations, pricing ~ and to make an appointment to visit.

Here are just a few examples of turnkey Safe Haven properties:

• 23-Acre Safe Haven Estate on the Island Nation of Dominica: this property is 20 minutes from a regional airport; approximately 1,500-ft above sea level in the central highlands; on relatively level ground with gentle slopes. In a beautiful, forested area, it is close to the Central Forest Reserve and National Trails. It includes a solid concrete house & garage; a wooden house with storage shed; and a packing shed. There are 3 freshwater creeks and several natural springs on the property, and a tributary of the Layou River borders the property. Most of the primary timber species can be found on this property. The estate is cultivated with a number of agricultural crops including citrus, coconuts, bananas, breadfruit, root crops, exotic fruits, cacao, coffee, etc.   Seller will subdivide. Ask us about foreign ownership of property in Dominica; $920,000  ~ or ~ Bitcoin accepted.

• Spectacular, 28-Acre Caribbean Beach Estate in Belize, with two very-private beach villas, and 1/2 kilometer of  beautifully landscaped, high-sand, Caribbean swimming beach, 1-mile private gated road; completely off-grid & secure. The wiring needs work, and the solar system is due for upgrade, which can all be easily accomplished and suited to your specific needs. Perfect for epic entertaining$2,000,000

• Stunning Views from this 50-Acre Mountain Estate ~ completely off-grid, self-sufficient & secure ~ with panoramic views overlooking Belize’s lush Chiquibul Forest; with a spacious, three-bedroom, craftsman-built home; professional/ commercial quality foodservice/bar/lounge building; separate guest quarters for up to 6 guests; large workshops w/full-power; garages; storage; state-of-technology  power/ water/ communications/ security. Much more, absolutely turnkey: $1.5mm

• 125-Acre Western Lagoon Estate in Belize, with two private homes, fruit trees, ocean access dock, and 1,000 ft frontage on Belize’s scenic Western Lagoon, with road access from the Coastal Road. This is a water-sports haven! $Price Reduced$

• 100-Acre Mountain Estate on Belize’s spectacular Chiquibul Road, with a spacious private home, garage, guest house, staff quarters, a working butterfly farm with 3,300 sq ft greenhouse/butterfly building, picnic shelters, orchards, food production, horse pastures and much more. This self-sufficient estate also has treated village water, land-line telephone, satellite TV, aviaries, chicken/duck/geese/pheasant production, all within a beautiful mountain environment. Clear title, capable of title guarantee: $360,000

• 226-Acre Luxury Estate with 6,000 sq ft reinforced concrete villa, fruit orchards, gardens, pasture, hardwood trees, beautifully set in the spectacular Maya Mountain foothills near Belize’s coast; with freshwater creeks, ponds, poultry, swimming pool, & many extras; embassy-grade communications & security: Bring your designer: $1.5mm

• 870-Acre Private Back-Country Fishing Lodge in coastal Belize, set in one of the Earth’s true last frontiers. It is set within an IUCN Category IV Wildlife SanctuaryNobody can see you come and go by boat – from anywhere in the world. A private jungle airstrip is nearby. The secure gate is many miles from any habitation and protected by thousands of hectares of wild, national lands. Yet it is only 90 minutes from the international airport. Complete with a modern, off-grid, Luxury Lodge;  Two additional 2BR off grid homes; protected Caribbean-access docks & pier; paved private roads; lush high-canopy jungle; wide open savanna, thousands of orchids; extensive caves, and miles of national-park-quality jungle trails; 1 mile of waterfront and 1 mile of Coastal Highway frontage; and 2-1/2 miles of gated, private road; luxurious swimming pool & outdoor Mayan kitchen; fully-furnished w/ vehicles & boats; modern kitchen; fruits & vegetable gardens; on-site armed security & maintenance staff. This property has the space and is ideal for creating a luxury, safe-haven community of like-minded friends and family:  $ Make an Offer $

• Spectacular 900-ac Ranch & Estate in the Talamanca Mountains of Puntarenas, Costa Rica, surrounded in cloud forest with 100 waterfalls and pure rushing rivers on site. Modern craftsman-built home and comfortable guest cottages, private pub, study centre, hot tubs, schoolhouse, stables, clubhouse, outside bar, extensive gardens, staff quarters, and a spectacular cloud-chapel ~ all off-grid and sustainable.  $1.8mm

• 10-Acre Organic Mayan Farm with 500ft frontage on a fast-flowing, crystal-clear river 6 miles upstream from the sea, and 7 miles off Belize’s beautiful Hummingbird Highway. Caribbean breezes by day, cello mountain breezes at night. Completely chemical-free, self-fertilizing with nitrogen-producing ground cover and traditional Mayan trees, shrubs and heirloom nursery plants; off-grid with a very basic home; $85,000

•  1,514-Acre Caribbean Beach Property. More than a mile of stunning Caribbean beach; Property extends west into the dramatic karst foothills of the Maya Mountains; Magnificent Caribbean panoramas; Potable mountain streams running year-round; Citrus & fruit groves; Two private, secure beach villas with off-grid power systems; Private ocean-access canals; Frontage on both sides of a public road along which runs grid power; Private airstrip accommodates any aircraft licensed to fly in Belize; Eighteen miles by road (14 mi by sea) to nearest supply town; 24/7/365 security; Eleven miles offshore is MesoAmerican Barrier Reef; Deepwater ocean access; $ Way-Below-Market-Price $

•  2,020-Acre Caribbean Beach Property. Almost two miles of private, prime Caribbean beach; Property extends west into the dramatic karst foothills of the Maya Mountains; Magnificent Caribbean panoramas; Potable mountain streams run year-round; Citrus & fruit groves; Aqua-culture ponds; Private ocean-access canals; Frontage on both sides of Coastal Highway along which runs grid power; Private, paved airstrip accommodates any aircraft licensed to fly in Belize; Seventeen miles by road (13 mi by sea) to nearest supply town; 24/7/365 security; Eleven miles offshore is MesoAmerican Barrier Reef; Deepwater ocean access; $ MUST SELL ~ MAKE OFFER $

•  10,000-Acre Belize Mountain Stronghold Overlooking the Caribbean Sea. On Belize’s strategic Coastal Road with gated roads leading up into the dramatic karst foothills of the Maya Mountains, and down to the waterfront; 15 mountaintop villas (some unfinished); Resort infrastructure; 350+ acres profitable citrus & fruit groves; Rushing white-water streams; Frontage on Southern Lagoon for sheltered harbour with nearby ocean access; Pristine, high-canopy rainforest; Private airstrip nearby; 24/7/365 security; much more: $ Inquire $

For security reasons, many of these properties are not publicly identified on the internet.
We hope you appreciate our attention to security and safety.

rainbow over Chiquibul Forest Mountains


Much fun can be had, waiting for TS to HTF. . .

within two Safe-Haven Residential Communities which are being independently built in Coastal Belize:

All are private & secure. All have public road access, and some are right on Belize’s finest Caribbean beach. Dock permits are available. Entry roads are built.

• Three-Acre Caribbean Building Sites 195 ft of high-sand Caribbean beach, well-elevated and forested with mature coconut palms & hardwoods; entry road & drainage culvert in place.  $122,000

• Three-Acre Caribbean Building Site 189 ft of high-sand Caribbean beach, well-elevated and forested with mature coconut palms & hardwoods; entry road & drainage culvert in place.  $SOLD$ (a beachfront B&B is being built here)

• Five-Acre Caribbean Beach Site with 328 feet of high-sand Caribbean beach, well-elevated, cleared land with several coconut palms. A cul-de-sac entry road has been built. $280,000

• Coral Reef Island Lot: This lot is part of a well-planned, off-grid  eco-development on Long Caye at Lighthouse Reef. Lighthouse Reef is one of very few true “coral atolls” in the Western Hemisphere. It is a 1/4-acre lot, near the reception dock and not far from the island’s restaurant & resort.  In one of the most famous scuba diving locations in the world, directly facing some of this planets premier dive sites, and almost within sight of the Blue Hole, this island has scheduled water taxi service from Belize City. It is by far the closest residential or resort accommodation location to Lighthouse Reef, The Blue Hole, and Half Moon Caye national park: $36,000

• Seven-Acre Caribbean Beach Resort with 600+ ft of groomed Caribbean beach, and an off-grid 12-unit beach resort.  $SOLD$ (this resort is currently being re-built to become a world-class dive resort with a brew-pub, pool, beach cabanas, and residential beach condos.)

•  Ten-Acre Caribbean Beach Site with 328 feet of high-sand Caribbean beach, well-elevated, cleared land with several coconut palms. A cul-de-sac entry road has been built, with several excellent building sites on this fine beach. $430,000

•  Fifteen-Acre Arabu Ranch Site near the sea, at Mile #19 of Belize’s strategic Coastal Highway. Situated on open savanna surrounded by the exotic Maya Mountains, where these spectacular jungled hills come closest to the sea. Locked, gated entry driveways are built. $95,500

•  Twenty-Acre Arabu Ranch Site near the sea, at Mile #20 of Belize’s strategic Coastal Highway. Situated on open savanna surrounded by the exotic Maya Mountains, where these spectacular jungled hills come closest to the sea. Locked, gated entry driveways are built. $121,900

•  Twenty-Five-Acre Mountain View Estate in Arabu Ranch; near the sea, at Mile #20 of Belize’s strategic Coastal Highway. Spectacular home is being built with panoramic mountain views where these spectacular jungled hills come closest to the sea. Locked, gated entry driveway leads through high-canopy forest to the hilltop home site. $SOLD$

•  Forty-Acre Arabu Ranch Horse Farm near the sea, at Mile #20 of Belize’s strategic Coastal Highway. With dramatic hilltop views, freshwater creeks, and cleared pasture. Locked, gated entry driveway. $SOLD$

•  490-Acre Caribbean Beach Property. Natural high-sand Caribbean beach with forested with mature coconut palms & hardwoods; with public road access. Several freshwater ponds to provide water, 1 km of ocean frontage to the east, and Southern Lagoon frontage to the west.   $ Inquire $

•  948-Acre Caribbean Beach Property. 1-1/4 mile of Belize’s most pristine Caribbean beach, with spectacular open savannah, forested with mature coconut palms & hardwoods; a sandy public road runs through the property. Several freshwater ponds are on the property. 1 mile of Southern Lagoon frontage to the west.   $ Inquire $

Please contact us directly for details, GPS locations, pricing,  photos, and to schedule a visit. 

We hope you will consider creating your own private safe haven – or joining our exclusive, secure, safe haven communities, situated amidst the most spectacular, rare-air property in the world.

We also have listings of undeveloped coral-reef islands, profit-producing farms, as well as river-front, creek-side, mountaintop, and ocean-front properties ~ ideal for the development of a private, sustainable safe-haven for your family & friends. We can show you how. “Off-grid sustainable” is our specialty. Ask us.

Coral Reef Island Estate

This island stronghold is solar/wind powered, with generator backup, desalination, workshops, boat parts, sat dish, etc.

Got power?

A wind turbine harnesses Caribbean breezes to top-off your battery bank after the sun goes down.

Bring your Tennessee Walking Horses, this pasture will soon be ready.

Build an off-grid retreat on 3 acres of elevated Caribbean beach.

 Please contact InTheTropics Network  for details and locations.