Quick Photo Tour of Belize

Here are a few photos of some of our recent journeys & properties. LFCave lores

Our security team, back at the ‘lodge’.

I’ll give these entertainers some free publicity!

They’re gonna build a house at the base of that cliff.

We are perfecting our “Tequila Sundowner”, the perfect beverage after a hard day.

Cross that bridge when you come to it.


Is it morning, or am I still dreaming?

Click on these photos for a beautiful view!

Crocodile Creek orchids

Meanwhile, back home. . .

at the butterfly farm

at the butterfly farm

Croc on River

What a crock!

River girls Xanantunich

Dock & Boat

We can come and go from anywhere.


A "tarpon's eye" view of our Coastal Highway properties.

A “tarpon’s eye” view of our Coastal Highway properties.

Long Caye Dock

The dock at Long Caye, on Lighthouse Reef


This is the back yard.

Lodge in Hills

A secure ‘Safe Haven’ in a hollow of the hills.

After our hike! hopkins-belize-beach-resort-1

Coming into Belize City by boat to pick up guests.

Helicopter-eye view of “reef’s edge” at the Continental Shelf

Hawksbill Turtle !

C’mon down and check us out !