This beautiful property sits on Belize’s newly-paved Coastal Highway, where this strategic road comes closest to the sea. Totaling 65.436 acres, this property comprises 5 titled sections. It has 2,185 feet of frontage on the Coastal Highway at Mile #20. It has a dramatic limestone hill in the middle, with several panoramic house sites. It is surrounded by spectacular karst hills, along Belize’s Caribbean coast.

The land here is jungled karst hill, grass pasture, well-drained broadleaf forest, bamboo forest, and lush riparian habitat.  Two pastures totaling 32 acres have been cleared of forest and planted in horse grass. The pastures are fenced. A substantial log bridge has been constructed across one creek, with a gravel drive leading to an elevated building site. A year-round, fresh-water spring is at the base of the hill near building site #1.  Two year-round, mountain streams come around each side of this 250-ft-high hill to combine and create Jenkins Creek, which then flows under a Coastal Highway bridge, then onward toward the seaside Southern Lagoon. 

There are panoramic building sites on the hill, with creeks and pastures on either side.

Until 2023, the Coastal Highway was a rough, 4WD road, prone to flooding. Now it is the best and most modern road in the country, and it is an important shortcut from the airport to the southern half of Belize. This area is unspoiled and sparsely populated, but it is now less than an hour’s drive from the airport, and less than 20 minutes to Dangriga.

An aerial image of the property, showing its assets.

The hill and its surrounding forested areas are excellent habitat for all Belize’s flora and fauna, especially tropical birds. Neotropical River Otters have been observed in this property’s creeks. Rare and endangered Curassow, Quan, and Chachalaca birds can still be found here. Currently, a flock of Green Parrots return every evening to the hilltop. Howler Monkeys are heard throughout most days and nights. Jaguar and ocelot live in the area, and have been occasionally seen on site.

Check out this recent Drone Video of this wonderful property, “Between the Creeks”.
Building the bridge. . .
The bridge crew. . .

I cannot say enough about this spectacular
Coastal Highway / Manatee area
~ except, you have got to see it!

As the raven flies, it is within 2-3 miles to the Caribbean Sea, with docks and marinas nearby. It is a four miles from historic Gales Point Village. It is surrounded by thousands of hectares of wild lands, comprising the Manatee, Sibun, and Sitee River Forest Reserves. Its clear waters flow into the vast Gales Point Wildlife Sanctuary (an IUCN Category IV Marine Wildlife Sanctuary), whose waters in-turn nourish the MesoAmerican Barrier Reef, just offshore. Gentle Caribbean breezes, fresh-water resources, fertile land, and ideal year-round weather make this area the perfect safe haven for your family and friends.

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Bamboo groves.
Walking the boundary line.
Jenkins Creek.