Experience Caribbean sunrises from this idyllic beach house, on 186 pristine acres.
It commands 476 ft. Caribbean beach frontage
and 1,400 ft. beach frontage on safe-harbor, seaside lagoon.

The beach, looking north. This is one of the most important Hawksbill Turtle nesting beaches in the Caribbean Sea.

With no neighbors for several miles to the south you will have free range on miles of pristine Caribbean beach. The neighbor to the north is a small Caribbean Beach Resort & Brew Pub in the midst of development. The resort is already leasing this Beach House, so this is an Income-Producing Property.

This is prime location, due to the recently-completed paving of Belize’s Coastal Highway. Now this newly-paved Coastal Highway is a major, level shortcut to Southern Belize. Most traffic from Belize’s international airport, Belize City, and Northern Belize will follow this spectacular route south. There is much space here for subdivision.

This epic beach house has been renovated, with more veranda, more electricity, more bathrooms, etc. Check back for interior photos!This property totals 186.5 acres, stretching across this beautiful isthmus from the Caribbean shore to the shore of the Southern Lagoon. As shown outlined in red above, adjacent behind this 7.7-acre beach lot are adjoining 178.8 acres of beautiful coastal savanna, extending west from the beach lot for 1 mile, to the shore of the exotic, 9,000-acre marine wildlife sanctuary. The property is 1-1/2 miles wide, with a Caribbean Beach of 476 ft, and a lagoon beach of 1,400 ft.

There is a large, freshwater pond on the property, and a “beach road” running through the property, south to north.

This western shore is an excellent place for safe-harbor docks or a protected ocean-access marina.

With the high price of prime beachfront land in Belize, this property (totaling about 186 acres) is an excellent value. This is because only a small percentage of this property is classified as “ocean beachfront”, while the balance of the property benefits from close proximity to ocean and lagoon beaches – without the high ‘beach’ price.

In the popular beach towns of Placencia and Hopkins, an acre of prime beach will cost $500,000 and upwards. Here you can purchase 186 acres in an area slated for prime beach development in the coming 5 years, for much less than you would spend for 3 acres in the crowded tourist towns farther south. This Manatee / Southern Lagoon region is now about an hour’s drive from the BZE airport. It is now Belize’s closest resort-destination location to the international airport. Can you imagine the resale value of this property in six or seven years? What does your ten-year plan look like?

Southern Lagoon sunset, looking west, from the property’s western shore..

This is a spectacular area. Here Belize’s Maya Mountains (directly west) come closest to the sea. This beach, right here, is an important nesting ground for the rare and endangered Hawksbill Turtle. It is within the Gales Point Wildlife Sanctuary, and IUCN Category IV Wildlife Sanctuary. In the nearby rainforests is a wild abundance of primordial flora and fauna. Just a few miles offshore begins the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, the world’s second-largest barrier reef. This reef system is also arguably one of the world’s healthiest and most verdant coral reef systems. This beach house is actually closer by boat to Lighthouse Reef, and to Turneffe Atoll, than is Belize City.

A “tarpon’s eye” view of the property, from about 1 mile offshore..

We live in and specialize in this Central Belize coastal area, along the Coastal Highway and near Gales Point. We know it well. Ask us about the area, the neighbors, the clear jungle rivers, the caves, sustainable farming, the five big cat species who live in the forests, and the incredible tarpon and sport fishing that we enjoy ~ right here.

This is the front yard, as viewed from the porch. When can you meet me here for a morning coffee, or an afternoon cocktail?
The Beach Road on the property’s west side, leading in from the Coastal Highway. This is a deeded public-access road leading to the property from the Coastal Highway.

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The Coastal Highway leading to this beautiful area is now paved. This property is now a 60-minute drive from the international airport ~ on a smooth, scenic road.  It is 9 minutes by helicopter.  The boat ride here is a spectacular adventure via jungle rivers, seaside lagoons, and blue water along pristine Caribbean beaches. 


Beautiful, natural sand Caribbean Beach.
The Coastal Highway, 2020, leading toward Belize City. Paving was completed in 2023 for this strategic 36-mile shortcut. Now prices on these beaches will increase.
View from the property’s western beach, across the Southern Lagoon, towards the mountains.
Lagoon view. This is the Gales Point Wildlife Sanctuary, an IUCN Category IV Wildlife Sanctuary.