Prime Minister Barrow recently announced the paving of Belize’s Coastal Highway, financed by the U.K. This, the closest destination-resort location to Belize’s international airport, is about to become closer and much more accessible. With new bridges, realignment and paving due for completion in 2020,  careful development is already taking place ~ and property values will increase. aerial beach

We have a number of spectacular properties on Belize’s coast with resort-quality Caribbean beaches, approximately 23 miles due south of Belize City, 14 miles due north of Dangriga, in Belize’s “Manatee” area. This area is now a 90 minute drive from Belize’s international airport (“BZE”) along the unpaved Coastal Highway; by boat it is 90 minutes from Belize City via an incredibly beautiful journey through pristine jungle rivers and seaside lagoons; and by air it is a 14 minute flight from the BZE airport. One of the properties has a permitted, paved airstrip able to handle any aircraft licensed to fly in Belize. Service is availiable through Astrum Helicopter service, Maya Island Air charter, and TropicAir charter, along an established air route.

The Coastal Highway
The Coastal Highway
The Coastal Highway is a 38-mile-long shortcut to southern Belize, traversing a level, coastal plain between the majestic foothills of the Maya Mountains. This road is now an “improved gravel road” subject to seasonal flooding. The government of Belize has already completed one new bridge, and begun road improvements on this strategic route. Once this road is paved development will come and property values along this major shortcut to southern Belize will increase, because the other route is 76 mountainous miles, up to Belmopan, then the length of the Hummingbird Highway through the mountains and down to the coast.
Our properties occupy both sides of the Coastal Highway for 6 miles, exactly where it comes closest to the Caribbean Sea. All with public road access, they encompass over five miles of undeveloped, natural, high sand Caribbean beach; thousands of acres of coastal savanna; and up into the dramatic foothills of the Maya Mountains. At this point just off the coast, there is a deepwater inner channel which allows large, oceangoing vessels to come closer to the mainland than elsewhere in Belize, while the MesoAmerican Barrier Reef islands begin 11 miles from shore.
Beach Villa
One of two Seafront Villas w/ landscaped, 500-meter swimming beach, within the 1,548 acre Coastal Highway property.

Some of the properties include profitable citrus groves, a working shrimp farm, private beach villas, and mountain jungles in wild abundance. They surround the Southern Lagoon, an IUCN Category IV Wildlife Sanctuary. Their beaches are private and secluded due to the undeveloped surroundings and large acreage of the properties. This area is arguably Belize’s most beautiful, exotic area with incredible natural diversity. Its vast wild lands and rich estuaries are home to primordial populations of aquatic, terrestrial, and aerial fauna and flora.

Villa View
Where the Maya Mountains come closest to the wide Caribbean beaches.

Some properties have grid power, some are off-grid. Caribbean breezes favour the area; average rainfall here is less than further south in the Stann Creek and Toledo Districts. Farmland here has grown rice, vegetables & fruit. This area, the Southern Lagoon and its 7 tributaries, out into the Caribbean Sea ~ is an astounding tarpon fishing ground, offering some of the best sport fishing on earth.

 InTheTropics Network specializes in Rare-Air, Strategically-Located, Clear-Title Caribbean Property ~ in this up-and-coming Manatee / Coastal Highway area. Here are some of our offerings:

• 490 ac. with 1 km. Caribbean beach: $3.8mm

• 948 ac. with over 1 mile of Caribbean beach: $4.4mm

• 125 ac Lagoon-Front Safe Haven Estate, with 2 Villas, Docks & Fruit Orchards: $598,000

• 226 ac. self-sustaining Safe Haven Estate with 6,000 sq ft villa, fruit orchards: $1.3mm • 1,548 ac. with over 1 mile Caribbean beach, 2 private beach villas: $1.3mm

• 2,200 ac. w/ over 1 mile Caribbean beach, airstrip, orchards & shrimp farm: $19.9mm

• 10,526 ac. w/Lagoon frontage, 380 ac. citrus, forested, panoramic mountain villas: $1000/acre

• 176 ac. with Caribbean beach house: $1.4mm

• 14.88 ac. with 1,020 ft Caribbean beach & road access: $560,000

• 10.15 ac. with 690 ft Caribbean beach & road access: $430,000

• 4.8 ac. with 6 lots, cul-de-sac, 328 ft Caribbean beach & road access: $290,000

• 2.88 ac. with 196 ft Caribbean beach & road access: $135,500 

• 20 ac. at Manatee Bar Rivermouth, w/approved EIA for Ocean Marina: $SOLD

• 19 ac. w/ 330 ft Caribbean beach (boat access only): $185,000 

• 1.6 ac w/ 4-Bedroom Waterfront Home on Private, Gated Peninsula: $480,000

• 40 ac on Jenkins Creek,  jungle, dramatic hilltop building site:  $SOLD

• 15.5 ac. with open savanna • $SOLD

• 20 ac.  with open savanna and jungle: $SOLD

• 25.7 ac. w/ open savanna and pine savanna: $SOLD

• 25.4 ac. on Jenkins Creek, w/dramatic hilltop view, pine savanna and jungle: $SOLD

Contact us for details. We have a large portfolio of fine properties in this strategic and beautiful area, including Producing Farms; Self-Sustaining Safe Haven Estates; Pristine Land; Oceanfront, Riverfront & Lagoon-front Building Lots: Secure Private Retreats; Fishing Lodges; Mountaintop Building Sites, and more.

Coastal orchards
Citrus orchards along the Coastal Highway
A "tarpon's eye" view of our Coastal Highway properties.
A “tarpon’s eye” view of our Coastal Highway properties.
Gales Point Peninsula
The exotic Southern Lagoon flows into the Caribbean Sea, fed by seven pure jungle rivers.

These properties comprise over 5 miles of untouched, resort-quality Caribbean beaches.These properties comprise over 5 miles of untouched, resort-quality Caribbean beaches.

Miles of natural, high-sand Caribbean beaches.

Miles of natural, high-sand Caribbean beaches.

Seaside orchards follow the Coastal Highway.
Seaside orchards follow the Coastal Highway.

Mountaintop VillasMountaintop Villas in high canopy jungle overlook the sea.

This is the area that developers forgot.

This is the area that developers forgot.