This beautiful 640-ac organic farm grows fine cacao, tropical spices, vegetables, and fruit. It is complete with a newly-built timber/steel/concrete barn, custom-designed with modern residential amenities. A deep limestone spring feeds a year-round creek, providing ample water for household and farm use. It is located in a lush, level area on the Barranco Road, surrounded by jungled hills. It is near the village of San Filipe, in southern Belize’s hilly and fertile Toledo District.

This property is characterized by open agricultural land with broad gardens, fruit trees, corn fields, pastures, and second-growth hardwood, all in very fertile soil. Their young Criollo cacao trees are planted in the shade of the cleared understory of the hardwoods. Most cacao trees are 3-years-old or less, and more are being planted every year throughout the property. 200 acres of pristine rainforest are at the back of the property, undeveloped, bordering the Moho River wilderness area. A solar-powered water pump supplies water from the springhouse, into the large water tower, for irrigation and home use.

Water tower storage, pumped from spring & freshwater creek.
Entry gate at the road.

This farm is in the heart of Belize’s famous cacao growing region. Local Mayan farmers have been growing cacao here since pre-columbian times. Most cacao in this region is grown for export. Several high-quality cacao processing plants are nearby, and Belize has an efficient export program with England, Europe, CARICOM countries, and the USA. While not at production-level yet, this farm is primed & designed for major organic cacao and spice production, to supply demand of the world-wide Fine Cacao market.

Several acres of irrigated gardens.

Additional current and recent crops include corn, turmeric, ginger, cardamom, beans, vanilla, watermelon, peanuts, rice, stevia, peppers, as well as mango, citrus, and exotic tropical fruits ~ all for the local market and home use. This property could be subdivided.

This is the interior living space of the timber & steel barn, with full kitchen, bedroom, two bathrooms, study area, and sleeping/study loft.

Although it is ideal as an “off-grid, Safe Haven” property, this farm is on the power grid, with reliable electrical service, and a fully electrified infrastructure. It has a StarLInk satellite dish for high-speed internet, streaming, TV, and robust cellular data. It is 4 miles off Belize’s Southern Highway on Barranco Road, near the village of San Filipe. It is quite near the navigable Moho River, for outstanding fishing and Caribbean Sea access. A regional airport is 20 minutes away in Punta Gorda town. It has a gated entry drive, with the home and buildings set back 1/4 mile from the road. A full-time caretaker is on-site, and farm helpers assist with planting and tending crops.

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Offered at $1,840,000

Fruit trees near house/barn.
Modern kitchen.
This beautiful 640 acre farm/estate, has road frontage, and over 400 acres of prime agricultural land in Southern Belize near Punta Gorda.

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