This 50-acre certified organic cacao farm grows cacao beans for the Fine Chocolate market. The cacao trees are planted and carefully tended in the understory shade of a second-growth hardwood forest in southern Belize, near the Mayan village of Colombia.

This tropical area has been a cacao zone for centuries. It is probable that the Mayan people who lived here in pre-columbian times actually introduced Christopher Columbus and Amerigo Vespucci to cacao in the late fifteenth century ~ although it took the Europeans years to add sugar and truly appreciate this world-changing crop.

Looking west from the hilltop to the valley below.

The farm is easily accessed, along a paved road a few miles west of the Southern Highway. It is characterized by gentle hillsides with well-drained soil, a creek, and level land. A private drive leads to the cleared hilltop where there is an excellent building site with 360° vistas. 

2-year-old cacao tree.

Raw cacao beans, just picked from the tree.

This farm was planted and developed by one of Belize’s premier Fine Cacao producers. Active in cacao export and the making of fine, organic chocolate, they have long experience farming and producing cacao in Belize for the export market. A forest fire burned this farm in 2021, and now only 25 of the 50 acres have mature cacao trees. The owners do not have the energy to properly replant, so they are selling this farm at below-market pricing. It is quite capable of being replanted and brought back to full production, with the same caretakers.

A private drive leads up the hill to a cleared, panoramic hilltop site. Here one could build a chocolate shop, production facility, restaurant, and/or residence. The views are 360° ~ from the Caribbean coast in the east, to Guatemalan hills in the west.

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Below-Market-Pricing: $175,000

Here are several tonnes of dried beans, ready for export at a nearby processing facility. The chocolate being made in the top photo comes from the beans grown at this 50-acre farm, and other organic farms nearby.